ahaDRONE – The Flat pack Drone Kit includes everything and some extras.
The award winning cardboard drone lets you learn, build and fly advanced drone applications. ahaPilot Flight Controller
Raspberry Pi Multiple Camera Options


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AI and ML Ready
Open Source
Corrugated Technology
Raspberry Pi
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A Drone that you could infinitely customize

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A Drone that is powered by a combination of Raspberry Pi and Arduino technologies

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Your ideas on wings

Are you still flying the same old drone from two years ago?
It’s time to fly ahaDRONE.

Drone With Most Innovations

ahaDRONE is built with opensource tools and corrugated air-frame that is engineered for applications in agriculture, urban management, forestry, research and emergency, making it easy for the developers to modify the code and the air-frame to suit their needs.

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1. Open source airframe, flight controller hardware and software.
2. Award winning Design Engineering.
3. Build and Fly Kit.
4. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
5. Fully customizable, Fully hackable airframe.
6. Addresses Drone use cases in Education, Recreation and Research.
7. Light Weight, High Stiffness and Environmentally Friendly Drone Airframe.
8. AhaPILOT Flight Controller Board in companion with Raspberry Pi 3A+,  Arduino Compatible, Wi-Fi & Radio,Controlled.
9. Upto 10 Mins Flight time.
10. ahaDRONE DIY-Kit includes 5 Color variants.


ahaDRONE plays a pivotal role in tackling an increasingly complex universe of drone technology. It includes every combination that you can imagine.

Flight Stack
  • ahaPILOT - Arduino based Flight Controller
  • MultiWii based Autopilot
  • Integrated Raspberry Pi Computer
  • Software: OS, Autopilot, Remote Control and Telemetry
    Open Source
Onboard Computer
  • Quad core ARM Cortex-A72
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • 3 - Axis Accelerometer
  • 3 - Axis Gyroscope
  • 3 - Axis Magnetometer
  • Barometric Altimeter
  • GNSS Positining
Electro Mechanical
  • 5" Nylon Propellers
  • BLDC Motors
  • Li-Po 11.1V 2000 mAh
  • +5V 1 A supply for user payload
  • Multiple camera packs to choose from
  • Hardware Raido Controller
  • Camera Gimbal
  • Long Range hardware telemetry
  • Available Ports: I2C, SPI, PWM, PPM, GPIO
  • Navigation LEDs
  • Soft Radio and Telemetry
  • 5 Nos Airframes
  • Battery Charger

Pick the camera pack that suits your application best!

Are you looking for a high resolution camera with interchangable lense?
Do you want a stereoscopic camers, with the option of adding a gimbal to it?
Do you want to capture ground images from higher altitidue?

Grab the most advanced Drone Camera System

Absolutely Free

with your purchase

ahaDRONE is a great educational tool to learn and build drones and master UAV technology. We can partner with universities to host drone workshops and UAV hackathons. Using our software and hardware we can and encourage participants to solve real world problems using drones.

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You want to tinker or build and fly for pure pleasure or learn the inner workings of artificial intelligence and flying machines, ahaDRONE is a fantastic drone to begin or accelerate your drone adventures, we are super exited to see you build and fly ahaDRONE.

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The Flat pack Do It Yourself Drone Kit Includes

soft radio control

ahaPILOT Board

ahaPower Board

4 Nos BLDC Motors

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Pick your Camera(s)

11.1 V 1500mah Lithium Battery

5 Nos Do-It-Yourself Corrugated Air frames

Necessary Tools and Accessories

Available Port

PWM/PPM Headers

I2C Peader

SPI Test Pads

Selected Raspberry Pi GPIOs

5V power source

The award winning drone

We have iterated thousands of incremental and disruptive developments in airframe design, hardware and software development

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Skykrafts Academy is a vibrant university engagement, through this connect we will set up the cutting edge Aero Labs at your campus, conduct diploma programs and offer career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Origins of A Drone for Everyone

The most innovative DIY Drone Kit is a result of months of hacking and tinkering, running into five major iterations and hundreds of minor iterations. Its development is rooted in our need to make drones in all shapes and sizes and our passion to build fantastic products.
The corrugated air frame is light, sturdy and offers the best impact absorption. The onboard Raspberry Pi computer along with the dedicated flight controller can host onboard applications without a glitch. The award winning drone can be modified for different applications.
The flatpack DIY kit includes everything needed to build and fly ahaDRONE.
* Flexibility to tinker
* Superb lifting and onboard computing power
* Enhanced safety
What is the range of ahaDRONE?

The ahaDRONE can cover up to the maximum range of 150 feet with no restrain due to its lightweight.

What is the flight time?

Upto 10 Mins.

What is the net weight of ahaDRONE?

ahaDRONE weighs approximately 600 grams including battery and propellers.

What is the ahaDRONE made of?

ahaDRONE airframe is made out of corrugated board which we have engineered for aerospace applications, making it easy for the developers to modify the air-frame to suit specific applications.

Why Corrugated Board and Open Source?

ahaDRONE is a Build and Fly Kit with many features and functionalities of high end drones, and at the same time is practical enough to modify using some glue, paper cutter and a few lines of code to meet the specific mission objective. Cross-fluted corrugated board provides uniform strength in all directions, suitable for engineering and aerospace applications.

Is it Arduino Compatible?


Does it include Raspberry Pi?

Yes, ahaDRONE includes Raspberry Pi 3A+ that is preconfigured.

For what purpose can ahaDRONE be used for?

ahaDRONE benefits the users with opportunities to learn Engineering Aerial Robots, Application Development, Sensors and Control System, Design Thinking. The possibilities are unlimited, including all the 1000s of already existing Arduino Projects!

Where can I buy spares for ahaDRONE?

All spares and components will be available on our online store and the same will be made available through our channel partners.

How can I control the ahaDRONE?

ahaDRONE can be hovered by Radio Controller or by Smartphone Application over WIFI.

What if the ahaDRONE goes out of WiFi range?

ahaDRONE hovers at the same place and searches for the WIFI connection and tries to reconnect. Once it is connected ahaDRONE will safely land.

Is your Flight Controller Reprogrammable?

Yes, we are using an Open Source Flight Controller which can be reprogrammed based on your applications.

Is your DRONE capable to withstand with Atmospheric conditions?

We have included the IMU sensor which keeps ahaDRONE stable in normal weather conditions.

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