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Commitment to Open source

Commitment to open source There’s something unique about the emergence of UAV as a serious technology, it’s the open source beginnings, unlike desktop OSs or phone ecosystems who had a proprietary base in their early days sphere headed by tech giants, community initiatives such as ardupilot or PX4 established the groundwork before drones were taken […]

Beginner’s Guide

Begin with Skykraft Rules by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). All the drone operators are required to adhere to these guidelines in the interest of flight safety. Drone should not be flown in crowded areas, near restricted area such as airports or military installations. Drone must aware of these general rules before attempting drone […]


Safety check Follow safety check guide for the better flight experience. Fly within Line-Of-Sight Drones required for various purposes are supposed to and fly at slightly higher altitudes, so it becomes very important for the operator to keep the drone within the eyesight so that any hiccup or an unprecedented aversion/obstacles can be avoided for […]

Making of India’s Largest Spraying Drone

Precision agriculture is a farming concept based on observing, monitoring, measuring and responding to time varying dynamics of a crop. The goal of precision agriculture research is to define a Decision Support System for complete farm management with optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources. Our baby steps led to the implementation of India’s largest […]