Crop Analysis using RAV

Our solution includes localized application of fertilizers and pesticides offered as a service to marginalized farmers, which brings in the benefits of precision agricultural practices. Portable and aerial automated measuring instruments are used to collect the data of soil parameters, crop and environmental conditions. This data is used to detect soil deficiencies, diseases and infestations in crops. The data obtained from these instruments are stored in a spatio-temporal Blockchain database to bring authenticity, this data provides insights into micro level deficiencies in soil nutrients, crop infestations and further enables application of precise amounts of fertilizers and pesticides, therefore bringing the advantages of precision agricultural practices to marginalized farmers without having a need to own or operate these instruments and equipments.

Air Measurements

Aerial based measurements includes detecting crop diseases and infestation using high definition multispectral camera drone using NDVI and other image processing techniques.

Aerial NDVI Image processing and measuring system

Multispectral imaging drone capable of processing and analyzing high definition images both onboard and in the cloud to detect stress, disease and infestation in crops and store the geo-tagged and time-stamped results in Blockchain database.

Research Air Vehicle


RAV is a versatile UAV platform capable of receiving a range of payloads. Having uses in fields ranging from filmmaking to farming to logistics and inspection, RAVs are designed to address commercial drone services. RAVs can prove to be extremely beneficial in places where just in time availability is critical. Increasing work efficiency and productivity, optimising workload and production costs, at the same time improving accuracy, adding value to customers.

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5 Liters Kisan Drone


5 Liters Kisan Drone delivers highest RoI for service providers, the drone is also light weight making it easier to transport between fields, it is farmer friendly and affordable aerial sprayer which can spray precise amount of liquids. 5 liters with a flight time of about 15 minutes is ideal to cover 4 – 5 acres.

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