Deploying Spraying as service using kisan drone

We are fortunate in India for having manual labour to spray, due to which our pesticide consumption is among the lowest in the world, we spray about .6kg/Ha, where as china, Japan and Taiwan spray more than 10Kgs/Ha of pesticide. It takes about 2 to 4 people a day to spray 10 acres of land.

As we mechanise this will change from current consumption of 40K MT and can go up to 500 MT
 . We are able to sustain using minimum pesticide because we are manual, precision agriculture is the closest to manual. Apply only where it is needed.

Agriculture has always been a bulk activity, we sow bulk, we spray bulk, we harvest bulk. We have connected the dots of precision agriculture. Our solution includes deploying spraying as service using kisan drone.

Spraying of liquids such as pesticides, insecticides fertilisers and micronutrients is essential for any crop and largely decides the fate and size of the yield. Modern farming techniques have evolved to be heavily dependent on these liquids, and the quantity of these liquids have been consistently increasing, it is not uncommon where the recommended quantity of sprayed liquids can go upto 200 litres per acre..

Three of the major problems that farmers are increasingly facing while spraying liquids are

Hazards in handling liquids.

Lack of availability of labour.

Inefficient use of scarce human resource.

Applying precision agriculture has always been challenging in highly fragmented land ownership, such as in India.

Because of mixed cropping, continuous planting, incomplete harvest, shift cultivation, fragmented land ownership, uneven classification of the land, type of data collected, timing of data collection, change in cultivation and marketing practices the agricultural processes like spraying and estimation are difficult.

Our offeringincludes spraying as service using kisan drone.

Service Provider Model

The service provider model has always worked for India, where capital intensive or hi-tech nature of tools such heavy earth moving machinery, harvesters or satellite based solutions challenging for an average Indian farmer to adopt.

Our products and platforms are integrated with service provider model and our Blockchain backed systems ensures transparency in conducting business at all the levels to all stakeholders.