Dwindling farm size of indian farmers

Despite all the progress in mechanisation agriculture in India is still a labor and resource intensive activity. Highly fragmented agricultural land is a challenge for an Indian farmer, who can neither mechanise to reach scale nor increase efficiencies and profits. The future of agriculture is ripe for disruption.

With the advent of AgTech products such as drones, sensor and actuator devices along with IoT platforms, the long held theory of precision agriculture is breaking dawn in India.

The ability to precisely measure parameters, analyse state of the crop and control localised environment of the crop using drones, rovers, IoTs, analytical platforms and image analysis techniques is changing the established practices of Indian agriculture that is a confluence of modern techniques and old school practices passed on from generations.

An India specific precision agricultural must make it instantly adaptable under the harshest business environments, increase efficiencies and reduce dependence on human labor.