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Spraying as a service

Spraying of liquids such as pesticides, insecticides fertilisers and micronutrients is essential for any crop and largely decides the fate and size of the yield. Modern farming techniques have evolved to be heavily dependent on these liquids, and the quantity of these liquids have been consistently increasing, it is not uncommon where the recommended quantity of sprayed liquids can go upto 200 litres per acre.

Three of the major problems that farmers are increasingly facing while spraying liquids are:

Hazards in handling liquids

Over the years the diversity of chemical composition of various pesticides and insecticides have increased several folds, necessitating more skilled ways of handling them for application and even more specialised ways of handling them in an event of any untoward incident.

Lack of availability of labour

Large scale migration of labour from rural areas to cities have left a vacuum for able bodied labourers who can seat it out on the fields day in day out to manage spraying of large amounts of liquids, this problem exacerbates with the increasing acreage.

Inefficient use of human resource

As more and more people get educated and look for highly skilled occupations there will be a dearth of unskilled labours and this trend is likely to continue in the future, this trend create a vacuum for a large number of jobs with no takers, moreover application of a large population of the labour force to simple tasks such as spraying large swathes of land is definitely inefficient use of labour, with the increasing purchasing power mechanisation is a natural outcome.

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Applying precision agriculture has been challenging in highly fragmented land ownership, such as in India.

Because of mixed cropping, continuous planting, incomplete harvest, shift cultivation, fragmented land ownership, uneven classification of the land, type of data collected, timing of data collection, change in cultivation and marketing practices the agricultural processes like sowing, harvesting, spraying and estimation are difficult.

Our patent pending technology brings the benefits of precision agricultural practices to high fragmented land holdings, such as India.

Our product based solution allows service providers to offer spraying as a service which brings in the benefits of precision agricultural practices to majority of farmers without having a need to own or operate sophisticated equipments. Portable and aerial measurements of soil parameters, crop and environmental conditions can be used to augment the dataset. This data is used to detect soil deficiencies, diseases and infestations in crops. The data obtained from these instruments are stored in a spatio-temporal database to bring authenticity, this data provides insights crop infestations and further enables application of precise amounts of fertilizers and pesticides.

The service provider model has always worked for India, where capital intensive or hi-tech nature of tools such heavy earth moving machinery, harvesters or satellite based solutions pose challenges for an average Indian farmer to adopt.

All our KISAN DRONE range of products and platforms are integrated with service provider model which brings transparency in conducting business at all the levels to all stakeholders. Our multi-stakeholder platform accommodates farmers, service provider experts and vendors, this enhances the adaptability of precision agricultural practices.