Applying precision agriculture has always been challenging in highly fragmented land ownership, such as in India. Because of mixed cropping, continuous planting, incomplete harvest, shift cultivation, fragmented land ownership, uneven classification of the land, type of data collected, timing of data collection and change in cultivation the agricultural processes like sowing, harvesting, spraying and estimation are difficult.

The highly fragmented land holdings in India make it difficult for the bulk sprayers to limit itself from spraying in unintended areas. The Blockchain backed platform that is being used in our drones, will assist them to spray in designated farm areas by geo-tagging and time stamping the areas, hence bringing in precision agriculture techniques by scheduling the spraying of pesticides. The scheduling will also help the drone operators to efficiently plan to spray in the remote areas of the country.

SOLUTION(Precision Agriculture)

Using Drones and IoTs to detect and predict onset of stress and infestation and reduce chemical usage in agriculture by 50%. For ages, agriculture has been yearning for a modernized approach that would increase productivity. Despite all the progress in mechanization still it is a labor and resource intensive activity. The future of agriculture is ripe for disruption so as to make it more productive by reducing consumption of fertilizers and pesticides as well as make it less dependent on human labor. Our technologies and products are built to bring about the much desired precision agriculture into practice. Our technology offerings for agriculture broadly fall under either Early Detection or Localized Application categories.

Early Detection

Using a network of sensors and an AI based expert system, we make inferences from the sensor data to predict the onset of pests, pathogens or stresses of a crop. We provide the entire technology stack including in ground sensors, airborne sensors and imaging sensors.

All our sensors are capable of communicating with each other over a hybrid mesh network and backed by our scalable on demand cloud infrastructure.

Localized Application

Precise local applications saves resources such as pesticides and fertilizers from being wasted and also prevent the long-term damage of cultivable lands due to the bulk application of chemicals. Our ground-based and airborne applicators apply water, pesticides and fertilizers only where they are needed thus saving both resources and the potency of the land. Our technology offering includes a range of spraying drones, imaging drones, terrestrial applicators and sensors to implement precision agriculture.

Our drones with their hawk-like precision to map the entire land in combination with our prediction system give the exact location of the crop that needs attention, thereby reducing a large amount of human and other resources. Our drone data also provides a detailed picture of damage the crop has suffered. All this parametrization helps in deciding the future course of action. Our spraying drones achieve precisely localized application. These are the much needed disruptive technologies since the domestication of cattle in agriculture 10000 years ago.