SmartDrone Infrastructure to bring accountability to drones


SmartDrone infrastructure to bring accountability to drones, their operators and pilots by using a combination of radios, GPS and a blockchain backed platform that is deployed in drones and drone infrastructure. The devices that constitute the smartdrone infrastructure communicate with each other using multiple radio technologies creating complex network between drone to drone and drone to infrastructure. Smartcontracts are executed between devices and stored in blockchain. The information stored in the blockchain of each device captures drone activities. This blockchain data is both immutable and available in real-time, this information will enable the enforcement of an effective drone and airspace and also augment anti-drone technologies.


SKYWARE, our patent pending technology is the quintessential building block for an effective drone ecosystem needed for large scale adaption of commercial and enterprise drone applications.

Although our infrastructure can be built from ground up, we can leverage existing wireless telecom infrastructure to quickly deploy SKYWARE over vast geographies. Drones can be made compliant to our technology either through a simple software update or by retrofitting a tiny hardware into existing drones.

Smart contracts are executed between host objects such as drones and drone infrastructure to establish proof of events and validate information such as identity, location, timestamp, flightpath, payload, pilot and operator details. Multiple radio technologies ensure compatibility and redundancy, device communication includes drone-to-drone and drone-to-infrastructure. The information trail in the blockchain of each device captures all drone activities. This information is both immutable and available in realtime, this information will pave the way for effective enforcement of drone regulations and airspaces and also augment anti-drone technologies to mitigate undesirable incidents.