Internet of Flying Things

Global demand for drones is driving the need for innovation in commercial drone technology. It is critical for the governments, manufacturers and operators to collaborate on ways to ensure accountability for the use of commercial drones. However there are always concerns when it comes to safety, traceability and accountability, along with concerns over who has the rights to the data collected by UAVs. As the number of drones in operation is expected to multiply in the next few years, they are also expected to become part of dependable infrastructure.

Drones are changing all of our worlds, drones will transform the way we do everything, including how and where we travel and work, but they’ll need to be applied in the right way. We need to shift from a regulatory-driven paradigm to a transparency driven one that is looked up to with confidence.

Connecting the dots

The problem of drone audit is an issue that needed to be solved. We put it through hundreds of what-ifs before we arrived at a solution by connecting the dots of technology, applications, user profiles, size of the UAV and the possible number of drones in the sky at a given point in time.

The next generation of drone is not just a node in an infrastructure, but a trusted information channel for other drones to communicate and cooperate with. The smart drone infrastructure provides organizations the operational flexibility, and serve as a layer to provide commercial services.

Drones can now talk to each other and work together, thanks to the new smart drone infrastructure. For example, a security drone can communicate with a farming drone and provide relevant information about its surroundings. By democratizing the information of drones and infrastructure objects, a sense of awareness, localization and ownership is achieved by the drones.

SKYWARE will bring flawless cohesion and total accountability to each and every bit of drone’s activity.

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