First we made ahaDRONE

– A Cardboard Drone

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Now we made Kavach2020

– A Cardboard Face Shield

First time in the Wrold

Kavach2020 – The original Cardboard Face Shield.

Kavach2020 – Cardboard Face Shield

Gear for the Times

Rs.1250/- for pack of 5

(Rs.250/- per piece)

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Drone With Most Innovations, Shipping 15th August 2020

Raspberry Pi, 8 MP Camera, GPS, Arduino and Open Source

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Do it Yourself Drone Kit

Drones are at the forefront of a revolution of sorts. Drones can be used for inspection, drones can be used to deliver essentials or drones can be used for research, emergencies or recreation.

What’s your drone idea?

Buy anything for Rs. 25000/- and get

Instant discount of Rs.5000/- on buying


If IKEA ever released a DIY cardboard drone, it might look something like the Ahadrone kit. Assembling it is easily as piecing together the corrugated board body for maximum rigidity.


Drone technology is a bit expensive, not to mention it can crash when used. ahaDRONE Kit is a concept project born from the idea that a drone should be affordable for everyone.

Gadgets / Tuvie

I love the Ahadrone kit’s DIY touch! Designed to be the “drone for everyone”, it democratizes one of the hottest (and sometimes expensive) categories in consumer electronics.

Sarang Sheth / Yanko Design
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