Making A Drone for Everyone

Award winning opensource cardboard drone kit with onboard Linux computer.

World’s most advanced precision spraying solution that is scalable on demand.

Enterprise drone platform of choice to develop dependable UAV applications.

The UAV infrastructure built on trust for dependable commercial drone operations.

Did you know that Drone spraying is more efficient that manual spraying?

Did you know that in India, commercial spraying service is more than Rs. 10,000 crores business annually and Drone Spraying Service is an opportinuity in waiting.

Have you considered Drone Spraying Service?

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End-to-end spraying solution

World's Smallest Spraying Drone

The micro sized spraying drone can get close to the crop’s canopy, get between vines, reach to the tree tops or spray in the cooler early hours of the day. KISAN DRONE is the go to aerial spraying system that delivers highest RoI. 

Whether it is just-in-time readiness to spray or spraying 100s of acres of crops, KISAN DRONE is capable of delivering it. Variable rate spraying, terrain following and much more.

Drones are at the forefront of a revolution of sorts. Drones can be used for inspection, drones can be used to deliver essentials or drones can be used for research, emergencies or recreation.

Gift Of Wings


Drone With Most Innovations

ahaDRONE your ideas on Wings

RAV – Research Air Vehicle

Plug and Play UAV framework Enterprise drone platform of choice to develop dependable UAV applications. Deploy software or hardware applications on the companion computer and the payload plugged into the smart payload bay.

Industry 4.0 Drone

True potential of a drones is beyond camera

RAV #Industry #Smartdrones

Internet of Flying Things

An effective Drone infrastructure is built on trust, trust among all the stakeholders including drone manufacturers, airspace regulators, commercial users and drone operators.

SKYWARE an open source toolset for a great start to build trust and an effective UAV infrastructure.

SKYWARE  #Drone #Infrastructure

We asked ourselves, what we could do during the difficult times of a COVID-19 Pandemic that is helpful.

Our team pulled together in the middle of the lock downs and worked remotely to create a face shield with whatever tools and techniques we have.

The feature rich product is also packed with our fantastic journey into engineering and designing.

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Winner Elevate -100

Startup Karnataka

Bronze A’Design Award

IDA, Italy

Best Exhibitor (Startups)

Bengaluru Tech Summit

We are commited to make indigenous drones that solve real world problems.